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The Digital Revolution

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World Heavyweight Boxing Klitschko Vs. Adamek

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Phantom’s 25th Anniversary Breaks Cinema Records

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giselle 3d

Giselle 3D – Theatrical Release In Russia And Kazakhstan

In Russia, the home of the Marlinsky Theatre, the ballet has demonstrated how alternative content can be both a significant revenue stream and bring new audience to cinimas. Giselle 3D was shown in 46 digital screens across 36 cities throughout Russia and Kazakhstan, including Moscow and St.Petersburg.

Main Audience Appeal: As the ballet came from one of Russia’s most famous and historical ballet companies, This was a primary factor in bringing people to watch it at the cinema. Giselle is also one of the most popular ‘Classical’ ballets and appealing to a wide audience from 10 to 65 year olds- it was an ideal family event with some of the screenings taking place on mother’s day.

Cinema Owner Feedback: Classical enents on big screens became popular in Russia and CIS three years ago. But to see fantastic ballet in 3D – this was a brilliant experience for our audience. Those who have been excited by other classical projects appreciated the new persective 3D offers. But such an event also attracts a new audience to the cinema – young people who like 3D and are ready to watch everything in this format. They were surprised that ballet isn’t boring and can be an interesting art form, especially when shown in cinemas.

Giselle 3D generated more than 4,000 admissions from 77 screenings.


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