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The Digital Revolution

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Africa Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness

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Burlesque Undressed – Starring Immodesty Blaize

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World Heavyweight Boxing Championship - Klitschko Vs. Adamek

Poland’s most prestigious sports event in history took place recently at the brand new, state of the art Wroclaw Stadium. A dream came true for Poland, the 1st World Heavyweight Boxing Championship fight took place on Saturday, September 10th 2011 at the all new Wroclaw Stadium!

Billed as “The Fight of the Century”, it was the ultimate chance for Poland’s number one boxing star Tomasz Adamek to battle against the current WBC World Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko and bring the most sought after title to his home country.

The stadium was a complete sell out with 43,000 fanatical people, and Allied Media were able to successfully negotiate the exclusive LIVE cinema broadcast between the world’s leading fight promoter Main Event in New York and Multikino, Poland’s leading digital cinema complex with some 200 screens across Poland. Thousands of patriotic men and women were able share the moment and be part of this historic event in cinemas across Poland.


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