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The Digital Revolution

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World Heavyweight Boxing Klitschko Vs. Adamek

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Africa Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness

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Burlesque Undressed – Starring Immodesty Blaize – UK Tour

Burlesque Undressed is an event film with an exciting mix of live performance and behind the sceens explanation of burlesque presented by the queen of European burlesque – Immodesty Blaize. Customer appetite for this event film has been reinforced with special screenings where Immodesty introduces the film of cinema competition for the best dressed customer.

Main Audience Appeal: A core audience of burlesque fans are targeted through The Ministry Od Berlesque, its official UK body. Local communities have their own clubs and increasingly students are tapping into the glamorous 1940s pin-up style, with a high percentage of women attending all screenings. The gay community is also visible in all areasof burlesque and many Gay Pride festivals worldwide have indicated interest in screening this event film.

Cinema Owner Feedback: Tony Jones, Programming Director at Cambridge Picturehouse and Director of the Cambridge Film Trust commented, ‘An excellent evening! Everyone seemed to enjoy the book signing, the bar and the opportunity to meet Immodesty Blaize. We even had four girls in burlesque costumes to help with merchandising sales in the foyer and to get into the spirit and fun of the event. Well worth doing.‘

The Burlesque Undressed UK Tour starring Immodesty Blaize played to packed houses with occupany levels exceeding 80% at each location.


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