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World Heavyweight Boxing Klitschko Vs. Adamek

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The Digital Revolution

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Extreme Play Grounds

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds: After a spectacular start in 2007, a very successful Dirt Session in Duisburg this April (featuring Mountain bike Slope style and BMX Dirt Jump) and a breath taking Summer Session in Hamburg/Pinneberg (featuring the Wakeboard World Cup, and an international BMX Miniramp competition), the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds continue to combine action sports and music in a unique fashion. At three events per year the international top-athletes from their respective action sports compete for lucrative purses, while hot bands provide festival-feeling and variety. 

Initiators of the series are Andy Zeiss (rebeljam), Achim Kujawski (BMX Pro), Patrick Unger(Wakeboard Pro), Lars-Oliver Vogt, Norbert Link and Marc Feldmann. The three action sports pros and three experts from the music business create events from the scene for the scene, and can proudly look back on eight highlight events, featuring bands like Mando Diao, The Offspring, Sportfreunde Stiller, The Hives, Good Charlotte, Pennywise, Millencolin, Boysetsfire, Bullet For My Valentine and Rise Against.


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