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World Heavyweight Boxing Klitschko Vs. Adamek

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The Digital Revolution

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Phantom’s 25th Anniversary Breaks Cinema Records

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Afrika! Afrika!

Fusing dance, music, and acrobatics from artists all over Africa, this spectacular event is a whirlwind ride of tension and grace in observing some of the feats that the human body can do.

Swift juggling, stylish aerialism, and two teams of slick and very funny basketball-playing unicyclists are some of the enthralling acts available. Amazingly, pole acrobats balance at right angles from the top of their poles and then jump from one to another in defying gravity. There is also the remarkable contortion from Nokulunga Buthelezi, a young South African, dressed as a snake who can mould her body to any shape like an elastic band. Her performance, despite the gasps and wincing from the audience, is both repulsive and strangely fascinating.

South African dancers stomp on stage in forceful rubber boot dancing, which encapsulates the horrific conditions they suffered in the mines during the apartheid era. They used their feet then to communicate as they were forbidden from speaking whilst working. The group that specializes in human pyramids raises the blood pressure when having stepped onto each other’s shoulders they fall forward to the floor. It’s a wakeup call for those sitting in the front when they see a tower of men descending upon them! All of this thrilling entertainment is threaded together by a variety of live African music, which includes soul, hi life, and South African township jive, and great traditional costumes: masquerades, Safari animals, and other wonderful sights from the continent.Under a carnival atmosphere in lavish tents, the full array of African hospitality is offered with different dishes, an arts exhibition, and the opportunity to purchase some quirky crafts. However, these are ridiculously expensive.

Featuring over 100 artists from 17 countries, this is a showcase of African dynamism with the occasional twist of a hip hop soundtrack for younger attendees. It leaves the audience realizing that we are not maximizing our agility and the full use of our bodies…it’s time to join the gym and sign up for some yoga!


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