LiveAid – The Greatest Live Concert of All Time

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The Digital Revolution

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World Heavyweight Boxing Klitschko Vs. Adamek

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Africa Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness

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Welcome to Allied Media

Allied Media Group is an International company headquartered in London’s vibrant Canary Wharf and is engaged in the provision of Alternative Digital Programming to cinemas and movie theatres worldwide.

Allied Media Group is an "Alternative Programming" consultant to movie/cinema theatres globally whose primary role is to help movie exhibitors attract new audiences and expand profitability during off-peak hours, with a firm focus on alternative programming offerings and present a "one stop shop" for content Distributors and Cinema chains worldwide with the goal of helping theatre owners increase ticket sales during non-core movie-going hours.

Additionally, we are committed to helping content providers, promoters, event organisers and rights owners leverage their valuable properties and harness an extremely significant additional revenue stream through no additional expense.


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